Saturday, September 6, 2008

Twins Born 3 Years Apart

Here's an interesting tidbit

Creating medical history of sorts, an embryological twin was born after a gap of three years at a fertility clinic here.

A baby boy was born in the clinic three years after his twin sister was born in 2005.

The doctor said "sperm and ovum were taken from the couple and three embryos were formed in the laboratory of the clinic in January, 2005". 

One of them was separated and placed in Rubai's womb and she gave birth to a female child, Ishani, in October that year, the doctor said.

The other two embryos were preserved in liquid nitrogen in a deep freezer. Three years later, when the couple wanted another child, one of the preserved embryos was taken out of the freezer and inserted in the mother's womb.

It's hard to keep up with medical breakthroughs these days. What's next, they'll tell us they've cloned a sheep

Thursday, September 4, 2008

RE: The Zodiac Story

Good find, Mac.

Here's the video to that story:

Here is a link to the follow-up of the story. This could either be one of the greatest finds in true crime history (the greatest for me) or the most disappointing.

Can't wait to see. More as it comes...


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

FBI Investigates New Evidence In The Zodiac Murders

For any of you not familiar with the Zodiac Killer, his murder spree took the lives of five known victims between December 1968 and October 1969. Although  suspects were questioned, no hard evidence has left the mystery unsolved to this day. Perhaps this could be the long needed break in the case.

The FBI confirmed to CBS13 on Thursday that they are now running laboratory tests on some items that may link a suspect to the killer.

The evidence was given to the FBI by a Pollock Pines man who also claims he recently found the disguise worn by the Zodiac Killer during one of his attacks.
"The identity of the Zodiac Killer is Jack Tarrance. He's my stepfather," said Dennis Kaufman.

Eight years of Dennis Kaufman's life has been consumed with attempting to prove the only father he's known since he was five-years-old is none other than the Zodiac Killer.

During the quest to prove his stepfather’s guilt, Kaufman found several pieces of intriguing evidence, including handwriting comparisons, phone taps, a knife, and the famous Zodiac Hood.

Just recently, Kaufman remembered his stepfather asking him several times about an old PA system, which led him to take it apart.

"When I first opened it up that did affect me. My heart skipped a couple of beats when I saw it," he said.

The material folded and tucked inside, Kaufman believes, may unmask the zodiac killer.

"It was a black hood with a zodiac on it," Kaufman said.

It's similar to the hood worn during the vicious 1968 Lake Berryessa attack, which could be key evidence connecting his stepfather to the killings. He also believes there are dozens of additional victims which were never linked to the Zodiac, including Kaufman's own mother, who he claims was suffocated.

"She sat there and told me Jack was trying to kill her and I didn't listen. I can only imagine how she felt. Imagine how scary that would be. That is what kept me going this whole time," he said.

The FBI confirmed they are running DNA tests on items that Kaufman gave them.

One can only hope that this new evidence could bring closure to the mystery. If the evidence pans out and proves in fact that Jack Tarrance is the Zodiac, it would be a bittersweet victory of some sort… Jack Tarrance died in 2006.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s… Ticket Across the Pacific?

Here’s an interesting piece. Who knew that sailing across the Pacific Ocean aboard a trash boat could be so much fun? I guess you can make anything happen with enough ingenuity… And a relentless desire to raise awareness of “ocean debris” - By sailing 2,600 freaking miles across the Pacific Ocean. Am I crazy for thinking that’s absolutely crazy?

I in no way want to belittle these guys' accomplishment, or the importance of ocean junk, but personally, I’d just make a donation to a local charity to assist in raising awareness. But hey… that’s just me. All in all, I have to hand it to these guys. They managed to do something different.