Saturday, September 6, 2008

Twins Born 3 Years Apart

Here's an interesting tidbit

Creating medical history of sorts, an embryological twin was born after a gap of three years at a fertility clinic here.

A baby boy was born in the clinic three years after his twin sister was born in 2005.

The doctor said "sperm and ovum were taken from the couple and three embryos were formed in the laboratory of the clinic in January, 2005". 

One of them was separated and placed in Rubai's womb and she gave birth to a female child, Ishani, in October that year, the doctor said.

The other two embryos were preserved in liquid nitrogen in a deep freezer. Three years later, when the couple wanted another child, one of the preserved embryos was taken out of the freezer and inserted in the mother's womb.

It's hard to keep up with medical breakthroughs these days. What's next, they'll tell us they've cloned a sheep

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