Thursday, July 24, 2008

Alien-contact alleging astronaut Edgar Mitchell Research Papers

After taking a quick look at the surface, Edgar Mitchell appears to be a credible guy, but I could be wrong. Over at his official website, his articles and essays are available for viewing. I haven’t had the time to view all the papers, but I think they would give some insight into any alternative motives for his recent release of UFO/Alien news.

Also, I found this video over at the official Edgar Mitchell message board.

I’ll get back once I’ve had time to view his papers with a more detailed eye.

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outsourcingissues said...

I have participated in Mitchell's forums and read the content of many of his papers and contributions. While I do not agree with the assertion that the government is covering up evidence of crashed UFO's or their travelers' bodies, I do however give Mitchell the benefit of the doubt. I believe that there is a substantial number of government employees who subscribe to the idea of a crash being the source of ET's on Earth, some of these may be hoaxers and others may be sincere individuals who study government documents and come to this conclusion. I would put Mitchell in the latter camp. He is not attempting to engage in the same fictionalizing that makes Richard Hoagland a laughingstock; all my readings of Mitchell lead me to believe that he is sincere in his beliefs and a staunch skeptic. He does not appear to attempt the same "book signing" circuit career that frauds like Hoagland and Von Daniken engage in to make money. He has enough activities of his own to engage in that he does not require this type of income and I have seen him discount obvious UFO hoaxes, something the "pseudo-scientific" brotherhood does not do as part of the fraudulent "cover my back" behavior that is so common. Agree or disagree, Mitchell is sincere in his beliefs and I believe he always has something interesting to hear about on a scientific level even if in this one case of government contact with aliens I do not happen to agree with.