Saturday, July 26, 2008

RE: Cleveland Betting My Balls

Cleveland, is a very confident sort of fellow. He's so cocky and confident he likes to bet parts of his colleagues' anatomy on long shots. We're all very proud of you getting your Barney-hued belt... keep running your mouth like you do and you're gonna need it.

As far as Village of the Damned is concerned, you need to understand that not everything can be your Criterion Collection edition of the Barbra Streisand mega hit, Yentl.

Macready, your stupid cut-down doesn't even warrant a response, but I'll give you one anyway. Mr. Xoom was right, you are a dumbass. You know I'm trying to lose weight.

I've warned you guys before. If you want to get ugly, I'll get ugly back. Or we can act like grown ups and try to do some good.

To everyone else reading this, I'll be posting some more good stuff soon, so keep checking back.

Oh the way...LOL


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