Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bringing Legitimacy to the Field

We like to have fun around here, but the Xoom team takes investigations seriously, so we were happy to see this article about real life ghost hunting:

Lesson No. 1: Don't believe what you see on TV. Ghost hunting is boring. There is no traipsing loudly through cemeteries. No spooky séances. No startling at every sound. ...

Lesson No. 2: Ninety-eight per cent of things that go bump in the night can be fixed with a hammer or a screwdriver. ...

Lesson No. 3: Never go alone on a ghost hunt. [Added by Mr. Xoom: No kidding. And if you do, it's not a mistake you're likely to make twice.] ...

Lesson No. 4: Ghost hunting is passive.

Although séances and Ouija are commonly shown on television, Vancouver Paranormal discourages them, lest they disturb unknown forces, Ms. Gregory says.

Similarly, she adds, "It's never okay to challenge or dare a spirit. Be polite at all times." [Added by Mr. Xoom: I believe Cutman made this mistake in the early days of the team. Ha ha. From what I heard, that didn't go so well...]
Read the rest for a nice overview of real life ghost hunting. She makes some good points, even if I can't endorse her taste in decorating:

Situated in a suburban neighbourhood of Richmond, B.C., her house has been remodelled to look like a medieval lair - gothic antiques everywhere, stained glass on all the windows.

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