Thursday, July 24, 2008

Re: William Hope "Coin" Harvey and Monte Ne, Arkansas

MacReady, excellent subject matter. I had actually read something about this when I was really into death masks. I found this Harvey guy's death mask and wanted to learn a little more, but there isn't really a lot out there. I found this book, but that was about it. I'm ready for a field trip. Iron out the details and let's get going.


STUART! said...

It's not really a good time to go. Wait a few years till the water is low and you can actually see some of it.

Mr. Xoom said...

Thanks, Stuart. I think they're pretty intent on going down there, if even to just take a look at the area and see what they can find, apart from the main site.

Are you down there in Arkansas near this site?

STUART! said...

Yes, I live about 30 minutes away. I was really into it for a while back when the lake was really low and you could actually see the amphitheater. I actually wrote most of the Wikipedia article on it.

If you are going to come down to Arkansas, I'd suggest checking out Dogpatch USA too. It's a semi abandoned theme park. Its not as cool as it was a few years ago, but there are some pics on that site I put in my other comment.

Not anonymous said...


Why isn't Dogpatch as cool anymore? I was down there about 7 years ago and there was no "semi" abandoned about it, it was full-on abandoned.

What has happened to it recently?