Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Real World Creepy


I appreciate all this alien/alien hoax stuff, but I was watching a documentary last night about the Defeo Murders, a.k.a. The Amityville Murders. This is where Ronald Defeo Jr. shot and killed his mother and father, two brothers and two sisters on November 13, 1974 in their Long Island home.

Now this is the stuff that gets my juices flowing.

Anyone who’s anyone knows about the movie (and the many lame sequels capped off by an equally lame remake) The Amityville Horror. Well that movie was based on the bestselling book of the same name by author Jay Anson. It tells the “true” story of George and Kathy Lutz, who bought the house 13 months after the Defeo murders. Who claim the home was haunted. Who put foot to highway 28 days after un-packing, claiming evil spirits gave them the boot.

Well, it has since come to light that the Lutz’s, along with Ronnie Defeo and his lawyer, concocted the story in order to cash in on the incident. The book and movie caused all sorts of people to flock to Amityville to see the actual house (and its symbolic eye-like windows).

What many people forget, and what I find the most mysterious, is that while the haunting is a hoax, the murders ACTUALLY HAPPENED!! This guy actually terminated his whole family in one sitting (screw the haunting slant, imagine the pour souls who live there, who sit in bed and watch TV where years before bodies were opened up with bullets. Geesh!).

But this documentary was about Ronald Defeo Jr.’s attempt at now including his sister’s (dead—shot in bed—pictures to prove it) involvement in the murders. According to Defeo, she talked him into doing it. SHE killed the kids. Now, here’s a man who lied about the haunting and he wants the courts to believe this new revelation?


There’s a book, The Night The Defeo’s Died by Ric Osuna, the man when it comes to all things Amityville incident. And for in depth info on the whole she-bang, check out

Me, I love creepy stuff. And I love stuff that actually happened. But creepy stuff that actually happened, then went on to spawn books and movies and a historic timeline that keeps getting crazier and crazier, that’s the stuff I do this for.

Guys—we gotta go see this house!

Oh, I’ve received a couple of emails from people with stories I’d never heard of. I’m looking into a few. I’ll post anything interesting.

More to come…


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