Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Weird Place, Weird Happenings

In the post about the Winchester Mansion, commenter JLanders offers this story of his visit to the place:

...Our tour guide, a small, Mexican girl (can't remember her name, but my brother had a thing for her) got off her shift and went to her car at the far end of the lot. Before she could find her keys in her purse, her ex-boyfriend came up behind her and knocked her out with the butt of a Winchester rifle... [dragged] her to her car and [tossed] her in the trunk. ... There's a car chase because someone saw him knock the girl out. Twenty cops like the O.J. thing chasing him on the 5. Only he's not in a white Bronco. ... Somewhere between the cows and the truckers on the Grapevine, the Winchester goes off and gutshots him. He swerves off the road and flips, turtle shelling the car. Cops get him, arrest him. The girl's banged up but all right, and limps out from the trunk. But the funny thing is, the guy, before he dies, tells the cops he never even loaded the gun. He'd never even bought bullets for it. So what the hell shot him? His ex-girlfriend said it was a miracle, someone watching out for him. But I think something else was at play.

Now I haven't had time to vet this story, but it definitely makes for interesting reading. A house that protects is own? Stranger things have happened, I suppose.

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