Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Somewhere between fact and fiction.

MacReady here.

So let me begin by asking a simple question – Who am I? That’s simple enough right? Not so much. The answer to that question is filled with more complexities than I’d care to elaborate on right now, so I’ll leave it as a work in progress that I can only answer in time.

Maybe the more important question is – Why am I here? Simply answered, I’m here to find the truth, to seek definitive answers to the obscure and unknown. Several years ago, something very profound happened in my life (more on that later) that forced me to question all that is unknown. What is fact? What is fiction? Between myself and the other two members of XOOM, our investigations have uncovered its fair share of both.

So with that said, I’ll speak for the others when I say we can’t wait to begin posting our findings as we ultimately come closer to discovering “the truth beneath”.

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