Tuesday, July 22, 2008

They do know that Devil's Tower is not in Crawford Texas, right?

This is interesting:

FORT WORTH, Texas — An enormous aircraft without transponders traveling up to 2,100 mph — at one time zooming toward President Bush's Crawford ranch — is similar to the mysterious object dozens reported seeing, according to radar documents examined by a group that studies unidentified flying objects.
MUFON requested reports from the night of Jan. 8, when several dozen people in Texas dairy country — including a pilot, county constable, business owners and former air traffic controller — reported seeing a large silent object with bright lights flying low and fast.

Some folks reported seeing military jets chasing it, which also was confirmed in the FAA radar documents.

The obvious question here is whether this group's interpretation of the radar data can be trusted. The certainly seem to have enough eyewitnesses, which makes this worth looking into, but they describe the object as being "between 524 feet and 1,000 feet long" according to the radar data. That seems like an awfully big range, doesn't it? Maybe that's par for the course when interpreting such data, but it seems like they should be a bit more precise if they have good data and know how to interpret it, doesn't it? I don't know.

The object was within 10 miles of Bush's ranch about 8 p.m., but the president was not there that night. MUFON only requested information until 8 p.m. that night, so it's unclear where the object went after that.

At times when radar picked up a slow-moving object and fast-moving object, it was at the same time and place as witnesses' accounts, according to the report. At one time, the object accelerated to 532 mph in about 30 seconds and decelerated to 49 mph in 10 seconds, the report stated, based on radar information.

Wow. Buzzing the President's ranch, jackrabbit starts, zooming up to 532 mph then stopping on a dime... What is this? Some alien version of Danny Zuco showing off his hotrod to impress the ladies?

It might be time to restart work on a certain old man's dream...

Here's a link to the MUFON page if you want to keep track on developments in this radar story. Other interesting stuff there as well.

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