Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Introduction To My Introduction

Guess I should take the stage (center) here and in-tro-duce myself. I am the Cleveland Williams from Memphis 10 (And yes I know it tags my name at the end, Mark. But really, seeing my name never gets old, right?). I am 33.33etc.% and undisputed leader (oh yes, I said LEADER) of XOOM. We’re out to find the truth beneath those stories that some are certain happened, others are certain never happened, and the rest are certain they want to know whether or not they happened. I hate—HATE—those documentaries (Bigfoot, Loch Ness, Mothman) that ask: “Is the legend of the mysterious creature fact or fiction?” promise to give you the undeniable answer by the end, and, as the credits flash across the screen, ask: “So, is the legend of the mysterious creature fact or fiction?” adding: “Maybe we’ll never know.” Nothing gained, nothing lost—except an hour of your time! XOOM's not doing that. We're gonna go for it, baby. Answers, answers, answers.

But back to me, I am technically single, though I do have something going with a beautiful girl in Hong Kong. Jealous?

I am also co-creator and writer of a series of graphic novels entitled What Follows Is True… with artist Sean Fitzgibbon (check his work out at seanfitzgibbonart.com). The book deals with the same types of bizarre mysteries that XOOM will be bringing you. We are currently finishing up the first book and will have the official site up soon.

So that’s it.

Again, this is Cleveland from Memphis blogging for Cleveland on behalf of Cleveland and


(Aren’t I funny Cutman? Don’t I make you want to LOL?)

More to come...


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