Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Extending the Olive Branch


You recently decided it would be fit to complain in a very public way about how I edited the Xoom Team's introduction video.

The video was not a "sucker punch" at you or anyone on the team, Cleveland. It just felt like the best way to introduce you guys: concentrating less on the staged stuff and more on the process. You've seen some of my other videos and know that I often like to "break the fourth wall". Showing Xoom bouncing ideas back and forth and interacting like you do was a very appropriate and entertaining way to get to see you guys "in the real". The way you three interact when you're together is pure gold and it's one of the chief reasons I pushed you to move your operations online by starting this blog. I think others will enjoy you guys as much as I do.

I know you specifically came off as, should we say... "a bit passionate" in the video, but that's okay, man. That's who you are.

And I do take what you do seriously. You three helped me out of a hell of a bind with your work and I won't ever forget that. But that doesn't mean you have to be dour and boring in how you present yourself on your blog. You guys are equal parts Ghostbusters, X-Files and, let's face it, Frog Brothers. And in case you haven't noticed, two out of three of those are pretty damn funny. So lighten up a bit and enjoy yourself.

And by the way, if you have a problem, you could always call me and let me know. You don't need to make an ass of yourself on the blog.

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