Tuesday, July 29, 2008

RE: A Formal Sucker Punch

Way to throw me under the bus, guys.

Nice post on Bacon's "bacon" Cutman. All the subjects in the world and you zoom in on a schlong. Oh, and the toddler from the "Sucker Punch" post, did you pick a cute baby and photo shop your hairline in?

I'll answer both:

Bacon's "schwartz" is jutted out like that for guys (and I use that term loosely and only in a technical sense, for now) like you. Who would enjoy something like that instead of the movie? Who would study it, enlarge it on the screen (and be enlarged by seeing it on the screen. Again, enlarge, another term used loosely and for technical purposes only), and do God knows what in front of your monitor before passing on your findings to us. I've seen the history on your computer before--you know how to get off on a site, get off the site, but obviously you haven't figured out how to get the site off your computer. The truth. Spoken from a guy still washing his hands from touching Cutman's keyboard.


You didn't photo shop your hairline in because the baby has way more hair than you, Domeo and No Juliet.

Now, the video was posted on our behalf. For you, MacCready, and me, so we don't come off looking like morons (well, I guess it was really for MacCready and me, then). We sat down and came up with a simple, fun idea to introduce ourselves and explain what we're setting out to do. Mr. Xoom thinks it's funny and cool to show off his creative process by showing ours. So, I simply wanted to let people know that our videos are going to be more professional in the future.

Something to remember--don't shoot the soldier beside you when he's shooting the enemy in front of you. Bad things could circle back around.

You dome-ass.



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