Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Original Investigator

Just like Cleveland, I'm a fan of creepy stuff, especially true creepy stuff. That is what initially got me interested in Charles Fort. In the movie, Village of the Damned, Christopher Reeve and Kirstie Alley are talking about the Book of the Damned, and referencing all kinds of crazy crap. I was intrigued so I got a copy. It is actually The Complete works of Charles Fort including, Book of the Damned. It's jam packed with years of documentation from all over the world featuring fish raining from the sky, stigmata, rivers turning to blood, etc. It's written kind of choppy because most of these things were published in journals, and Fort was pretty eccentric, but it's still fairly interesting. Charles Fort was himself a pretty interesting cat. He was kind of a Robert Ripley of the supernatural and unexplainable. He and his Fortean followers sort of paved the way for us. The Fortean stuff has kind of gone the way of tabloid crap, but Fort's intentions were good.

No Cleveland, that isn't a picture of me.

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