Monday, July 21, 2008

It Begins...

Hello all, and welcome to the "Xoom (pronounced Exhume) the Truth" blog. This blog will be home to the Xoom team, currently consisting of Cleveland Williams, Richard Cutman and Mark MacReady.

Xoom was basically formed by accident, as these three guys, each with disparate but relevant interests, banded together for the purpose of authoring a graphic novel dealing with true mysterious, unexplained events that have taken place across this great country. In their quest to investigate such cases for their book, the Xoom team has traveled around the United States interviewing, digging(sometimes literally!), and just generally doing everything they can to find "the truth beneath".

They continue work on their graphic novel, which is turning out great - pure Gothic Americana meets the X-Files.

I am not an official member of Xoom, but I've encouraged the guys to start this blog because I think they have quite a bit to offer when it comes to the unexplained and the paranormal, and I think this will be a great venue for them to share their work and to communicate with all of you in an effort to find new stories and events to look in to.

The other reason I pushed these guys to start this blog is because I think Cleveland, Cutman and Mark are endlessly fascinating themselves. They would almost certainly disagree on that point, but trust me, to say they are passionate about unexplained phenomena is putting it quite lightly. This passion comes across in everything they do.

Hopefully, you'll come to enjoy these guys and their passion as much as I do, and I'll be justified in my hunch that starting this blog was the right thing to do. So please, visit often, tell your friends, and come get to know Cleveland, Cutman and Mark as they embark on their next series of adventures into the unexplained... and continue their search for "the truth beneath."

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