Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ba Gua a.k.a. Devil Mirror


Just chatting with Varian. Talking about some of the posts we've got up. She took a look at the site, then told me about a Chinese belief/superstition I figured might be of some interest. It's called the Ba Gua Mirror and, according to her, is called the Devil Mirror. Many of you may know it as a Feng Shui Mirror, as it's used for such, so I've come to learn (boring). What's cool is, many use it to reflect or transform evil/negative Qi away from their homes and/or businesses.

Author Keith Rudell says:

Reflect and Transform Negative Qi

As a protective device a ba gua mirror can be hung with the mirror side facing towards the negative source. They can be hung inside or outside a building. The mirror is a weapon against Sha. One mirror may be enough but some homes and businesses use as many as four or five.

Some typical situations that a ba gua mirror may be used to remedy are:

  1. A cemetery, mortuary or other negative place is located across the street from your home or business.
  2. The corner of the neighboring building is pointed at your front door.
  3. The building across the street burned down.
  4. An electrical transformer box is near your property.
  5. Your property is being vandalized or trespassed against.
  6. The walkway to your front door is linear with no fence or curves to intercept negative energy.
  7. Your desk is at the end of a long hall.
  8. You must sit with your back to the room entrance.

(Solution: Place the ba gua mirror on the wall you are facing so that the energy of anyone entering is caught by the mirror.)


You actually reflect evil away from you and back onto the world? Is this right? If so, no more home invasions. No more failed businesses, house fires, home foreclosures?

Now that's what I'm talking about.

She also said that many believe this is what led to Bruce Lee's Death. That soon before he died a storm blew away his Ba Gua mirrors and let death in the front door.

For more info, check here.

To purchase your very own Devil Mirrors, go here.


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