Monday, July 28, 2008

RE: A Formal Sucker Punch Blah Blah

I would like to take a moment to openly address Cleveland Williams' sabotaging douche-baggery. Talk about unprofessional. We agreed to do this as a team and sometimes, within a team, toes get stepped on and egos get bruised. It's a majority rules thing. It's the nature of the beast.

Cleveland, you seem to like to dish it out, but have a very low tolerance for "taking it". You guys gang up and bag on me all the time, but I take it like an adult, like a man. So man up, son.

I think Mr. Xoom did a great job of making our introduction. No, we didn't expect him to show the creative process of us coming up with what to film for the website, but the final result was true-to-life and pretty damn funny. I think it got across who we really are better than some cheesy, staged normal intro could have.

And by the way, I CANNOT BELIEVE you chose to air this particular video, for reasons other than what you said on it... I think you know what I mean. You have SOME BALLS to do that and you're really SHOWING YOUR ASS to everyone involved here... Just imagine if the "behind the scenes" stuff from this particular video were ever to see the light of day.

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