Monday, August 18, 2008

African Woman Gives Birth to... Cups?

All I can really say about this is that, apparently, the rest of the world is much more interesting than the United States:

A Mozambican woman recently gave birth to three cups in the southern province of Gaza, independent television channel Stv reported on Thursday, showing images of the crockery.

The channel said the 18-year-old woman who lives in Xai Xai, gave birth to the cups on her way to hospital after she had complained of labour pains.

Images of the three cups were shown on the television station and the woman said she was three months pregnant at the time of the "birth".

The Mozambican association of traditional healers (Ametramo) told the station that there was nothing strange about the story.

Ametramo president Aulerio Demoraz said similar cases had occurred in other parts of the world "due to witchcraft".

He said the woman needed to be treated with traditional medicines in order to exorcise the "evil spirits" which made her give birth to the cups.

Those rascally evil spirits... making women give birth to crockery! Oh, the humanity.

(And yes, I'd feel like a big ass if this story were actually true, so in the spirit of hedging my bets, I hope this woman and her family are doing okay.)

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