Monday, August 18, 2008

Ass Bag Justice


Okay MacCready, good call about "Dick." He wants to post videos about me "whining" and look at him. But, ass bag? Are you serious? And you need convincing that the "Tank Man" is the most creepy post on the blog?

We're always looking into stories about alien abduction, right? Well, the "Tank Man" was abducted and vanished--VANISHED--right here on Earth. Just for stating his beliefs. That's creepy to me because it could happen to any of us at any time. Imagine how creepy his family thought it was. Just like the disappearance of the people on the Mary Celeste, this man will not be found. Like Hoffa. Like "Dick" after watching porn. Gone.

And it's recent.

So, my point is made. Your post is obscure. You just got slapped by an ass bag.

But again, good job on calling Cutman out. He needs a little humiliation. Me, I'm fearless. Once you're caught in a Chinese jacket with a glass of cheap wine and your stuff tick-tocking, there's no place lower to go. And don't worry, yours is coming.


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