Thursday, August 7, 2008

This is really sad... Mr. T in hot water!

Mr. T. was set to star in a campaign for Snickers called "get some nuts". They have filmed at least one hilarious commercial for it so far, but now the campaign is sadly being pulled by Mars because of misplaced political correctness.

Here is the "offensive" ad:

If Mr. T. didn't exist, we'd have to invent him to make the world that much more worth living in.

Now apparently, that ad is "homophobic" according to some, even though only two people have complained in the entire country of Great Britain, which is the only place thus far the ad has aired.

However, a bunch of sticks in the mud in the U.S. have gotten wind of the ad and launched a campaign at getting it yanked from the air. Sadly, Mars has caved, pulling the entire campaign worldwide, and yet again, the touchy busybodies among us have made the world a little less fun to live in... and for no good reason.

If gay people want to become completely accepted as part of mainstream American society, which they of course should be, then they have to accept a key component of that status - ridicule. EVERY group in America gets poked fun at one way or another, from Rednecks to NASCAR fans to teen girls to PETA to Christians to whoever. Being able to take a little ribbing is part of being an American, and trying to be above that is not only wrong, but is keeping you "separate" by your own ridiculous making.

There's nothing wrong with a little joking around here and there... we all get it, so why should gay people be any different?

Here is Mr. T. defending himself on Bill O'Reilly:

You may think this story doesn't really fall under the purview of the paranormal or unexplained, but I disagree. I think it's borderline paranormal; certainly unexplainable, how so many people can be so humorless and controlling as to have an innocent, funny ad pulled because they have found a way to be "offended" by it.

Grow up, guys, and learn to laugh at yourself. You'll feel a lot better. I promise.

Hat Tip: Hot Air.


Richard Cutman said...

Amen Brother!

Richard said...

Mr. T is the man and pulling the ad is stupid! I mean what year do we live in, last time I checked it was 2008 for pity sake.
I just downloaded Mr. T’s voice from for my GPS and I love it. But my question is, am I meant to get offended every time I make a wrong turn and he calls me a fool or something? On that note, I also got Kim Cattrall from Navtones, can I claim she is sexually harassing me when she says, “Lets just pull over and get in the backseat, that’s bigger enough for us two, or maybe three”?
The Snickers ad is just an ad and with them pulling it, it’s probably getting more attention than it would have if it just came out. (Pun)
“Get Some Nuts.”