Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Michigan Dog Man

I'd never heard of the Michigan Dog Man. I'd never really heard of anything supernatural coming out of Michigan except 8 Mile. It sounds like your basic local folklore kind of stuff.

On April Fools Day, 1987, a Traverse City DJ, named Steve Cook played a song he'd written. The song was called The Legend. It sounds a lot like C.W. McCall's Convoy. It was supposed to be a joke based on all the tales he had collected over the years. His listeners didn't see it as a joke. Call after call came in with people reporting their Dog Man sightings, or their friend of a friend Dog Man stories. Almost overnight, a freaky ass monster was thrust from the dark forest it haunted, and into the limelight.

There are tons of stories, creepy pictures of it's eye and teeth caught by a motion activated camera. There's even a bizarre, Blair Witchy video of this thing, morphing from a man into the Dog Man.

I think this is a steaming pile of Dog Man crap, but I can, and do appreciate a good hoax every now and again. I also can't figure out why he's a Dog Man and not a Werewolf or a Wolf Man. Maybe he humped somebody's leg or pissed on someones furniture.

By the way MacReady, I liked your Mysterious Hum posts. I heard a mysterious hum coming from that room you and Cleveland were in. Weird stuff to be sure, but you know, I was actually afraid to investigate.

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