Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Skynet coming online - USA To Have "Droid Army" In the Near Future

I guess we better start training our kids John Connor style post-haste:

The U.S. military may be 30 percent robotic by the year 2020, according to Doug Few and Bill Smart of Washington University in St. Louis.

"When the military says 'robot' they mean everything from self-driving trucks up to what you would conventionally think of as a robot. You would more accurately call them autonomous systems rather than robots," says Smart, assistant professor of computer science and engineering.

At present, all of the U.S. Army's robots are teleoperated. Current military policy is to leave human beings "in the loop" for important decision-making.

Sure, that is until these bots become "self-aware" and decide to take us out of the loop. Haven't we watched enough James Cameron movies and Outer Limits episodes to respect the powers we're meddling with here?

Bonus: South Korea and some other countries are working on robots that DO NOT have humans "in the loop" in target and fire operations...

No Fate.

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