Wednesday, August 6, 2008

RE: Still on the road

Very mature Cleveland. My God! What a baby! You said that you were over "the other day", but it's obvious you're not, why else would you break out the Cleveland family photo album. You go ahead and keep taking pot shots at me and my weight. You know I'm losing so you won't have your ace in the hole much longer. Yes, I'll still have the man boobs, but that's because I have gyno, not because I'm fat, so unless you want to pay for my surgery to fix it then quit being such a dick.

Keep bellyaching about the way Mr. Xoom does things. Keep dragging the team through your infantile temper tantrums. Keep doing what you're doing Cleveland, keep putting the "I" in team, and keep throwing everybody under the bus. Or just man up and get over it already.

Oh yeah, I forgot that we've all seen that there's not much there to man up with. My bad, dude.

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