Friday, August 8, 2008

Remote Viewing: Apparently has nothing to do with the TV controller

Let's talk about Technical Remote Viewing. Sounds technical. TRV is the ability to consistently obtain data on demand from a distant place without any actual contact. Just by focusing your thoughts on a subject. Basically, if I'm in New York and you're in Alaska, I could draw or write down what's in your pocket or what color shirt you're wearing. Pretty neato. There are actually more valuable benefits: espionage, finding kidnap victims, searching for missing persons, etc.

The skill requires intense practice and dedication. Your conscious mind doesn't even know what you're doing, this way the information won't be contaminated by your own bias or how many drinks you've had that afternoon. Following the "viewing", while writing down the data retrieved, the "viewer" is plugged into the "collective unconscious" or Matrix! Whoa... no way!

I've heard about this for years. I've read stories about the government fighting wars with armies of prone remote viewer spies. I've listened to remote viewers on Art Bell's show, telling their tales and selling themselves. I just don't know how much to believe about it.

PSI Tech, which touts itself as the "founders of the remote viewing industry" offers virtual training using Professor Ideo to school you on the ins and outs of seeing remotely. You can read this article about the program written by a guy with a really cool mustache.

I would really like to see a demonstration of that can be confirmed. PSI Tech says that everyone is capable of developing this skill. So if someone proves that it actually works, you can sign me up.

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