Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Away Team's Lineup

A forensic artist named Bill MacDonald, has sifted though hundreds of eyewitness alien reports and compiled a list of the seven basic alien species wandering planet earth.

The first category are the Roswell aliens. These are small and fairly humanoid with reptilian skin. They have very human like eyes with some "Asian" characteristics.

Next are the Greys. Those classic large headed critters, whose black eyes take up the majority of their face. They are the worker class beings. They do most of the dirty work like abducting and probing.

In 3rd place we have the Ancients. These tall creatures have an almost, Praying Mantis, appearance.

The Nordics follow up with their Fabio look alikes. These beings resemble humans in every way, except that they are perfect. The men look fit and athletic and the women have great jugs.

The Hybrids, from what I understand resemble children with very fine hair.

The sixth race of alien is the Reptilian. These tend to be humanoid in proportion, but have huge eyes and even bigger mouths. They have three toes and probably a freaky forked snake tongue.

The final classification is the Neonate. These small, fetus like creatures seem to be the most intelligent and resemble the small creatures on Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

There are many other videos and classification systems out there, but at least this one corresponds with the ones I've seen.

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