Friday, August 22, 2008

The Bigfoot Hoaxers Resurface, Blame Biscardi

Here's the latest on the Bigfoot Hoax Saga:

Bigfoot hoaxers Rick Dyer and Matthew Whitton are back in the limelight — and they're blaming Tom Biscardi, the California promoter who trotted them out for a nationally televised press conference last Friday.

Back home in Georgia after their brief moment in the big time, Dyer and Whitton told two Atlanta TV stations Wednesday that the entire affair was a "joke" that got out of hand.

"I just wanted to put out some good news," Dyer told Joanna Massee of WGCL-TV. "People are upset with the war and stuff — what's so bad about Bigfoot? Nobody got hurt."

Biscardi is claiming these guys took some money and tricked him into doing the press conference, and says he's planning to sue. However, that story just doesn't square at all with the stuff Biscardi was telling reporters before the press conference - things like he "prodded the corpse" and it was completely real, etc. Now he's saying he had no idea the thing was fake? Does this guy think we don't have Youtube or DVRs and can't just go and look up the stupid things he was saying before the press conference versus his story now?

It's just bizarre.

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