Monday, August 11, 2008

MacReady can keep his cyber suit, I want one of these!

Holy crap! The next generation of high school boys may have an edge on their predecessors when it comes to spying on the girls locker room.

Scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, announced today that they are one step closer to developing cloaking material. Just like the Predator, this technology affects the way light is reflected off of an object. They use metamaterials which are a combination of metal, ceramic, and teflon materials. Read the article here.

So go ahead and get your loader MacReady, I'll stealth your ass with my Dungeons and Dragons cloak.

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huevos rancheros said...

Hey Richard, excuse me dick, I enjoy reading about your finds and quirks. The only reason I write today is about the cloaking device currently being developed out here in the bay area. I currently live in the bay area, so maybe I could collaborate with you on this subject. I do enjoy reading about you guys. Look forward to lending a hand whenever needed.


J.T. Bickle