Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Forget the Cloaking Technology, I Want This!

Cleveland in--

Guys, forget your Predator cloaking technology crap. You're both already invisible enough (and when you're not, you should be). The Raytheon Exoskeleton is the way to go. I know Mr. Xoom posted earlier about this (kinda skimpy post X) but it's worth another look. It really is sort of half Iron Man half Aliens Power Loader.

Wearing one of these, a man can do 500 pull-downs with breaking a sweat! Cutman can't even do one without breaking wind.

Ways to fight wars better? Guess so, but--


Just thought of something...

What if we combine the Raytheon Exoskeleton and the Cloaking Technology?

Exoskeleton meet Cloaking Technology. Cloaking Technology, Exoskeleton.



Cleveland Out.

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