Friday, August 15, 2008

Imagine that? Tom Biscardi and Georgia Bigfoot Guys Release Almost Nothing at Press Conference

Hoax Hoax Hoax. Hoaxie Hoax Hoax a-hoax.

They released almost nothing. Said the body is at an undisclosed location awaiting an autopsy. Released two more blurry photos(why blurry - isn't this 2008?) of the body and a supposed bigfoot in the woods.

Don't even feel like wasting anymore energy writing anything about it - which is why we've generally avoided the story here at Xoom, and have been skeptical of it from the very beginning. It never passed the smell test on any level, even from the start.

Basically, these guys are a bunch of douchebags trying to get rich by drumming up publicity for a "documentary" they are going to make about the "bigfoot autopsy". Don't put any money in these guys' pockets when that comes out. It's not like they are providing real entertainment here, like a fictional movie or something that's good on its own terms. The entire entertainment value of their project relies on the lie that they've captured a bigfoot body, nothing more.

Read the story about the press conference here, if you'd like.

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