Thursday, August 21, 2008

UPDATE: The Mysterious Hum

MacReady here with some more updates to "The Mysterious Hum" post. In my previous post, I included some reports from the Department of Energy regarding the military's low frequency communications system, ELF. 

Here's a later report describing the effects of the ELF system on primates.

Publication Date: 1983 Apr 01


In a study initiated to determine the biological effects of ELF electric and magnetic fields associated with a submarine communications system ELF- exposed male rhesus monkeys gained weight at a slightly faster rate than control males. In order to obtain sufficient data on the physiological effects of electromagnetic fields, a second ELF study was initiated. Whereas the first study was initiated with wild-caught young adult animals, the second study utilized colony-bred animals beginning at 30 days of age. The emphasis of the second study was to substantiate previous findings and determine the underlying mechanisms involved. As in the first study, 30 primates (male and female) were exposed to the ELF electric and magnetic fields, and 30 control animals received the same care and treatment, but were not exposed. This report deals with the development of the permanent teeth relative to ELF exposure and sex. A consistent trend noted was that the teeth of female animals erupted at a slightly earlier age than males. However, no significant differences due to ELF exposure or sex were detected.

Oh that's great – Although the ELF system causes "a physiological perturbation" we can all rest assure that the hum itself is non-discriminatorily affecting us all?

I would put this one to rest and blame it on the ELF communications system. Which if true, would leave a bunch of people frustrated… You try getting the government to shut down the communications system for its submarine fleets.

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