Thursday, August 14, 2008

MacReady Taps into his Psychic Abilities

MacReady here.

I’ve never been short on weird dreams. I’ve always had extremely vivid dreams – Some weird, others not. For me, it seems that late night Taco Bell is some sort of a screwed up mind elixir to the dream world.

Although I didn’t eat Taco Bell last night, I had no problem tapping into my out of control sub-conscious mind.

My dream last night had very many strange elements to it, but here’s the two important parts you need to know.

  • Some sort of mistake had occurred and the world was thrust into WWIII
  • Sawyer from the “Lost Series” Shot a bird in a tree. The bullet went through the bird into the tree, cracking the tree, causing Crude Oil to spill from its trunk.

Okay, yes I know… that’s really stupid right? Well this morning, I was doing my same routine, checking for world news. Here are two of the first articles I saw – Right next to each other.

Japanese local government mistakenly broadcasts alert warning of imminent missile attack to 20 government buildings. "New pants required" alert was broadcast shortly after.

Congressman claims that trees contain 40% crude oil. Wants to start cutting down national forests to solve the oil crisis. Why didn't anyone think of this sooner?

I’m in no way claiming to be the next Nostradamus, but it was very strange to see these two news articles – Next to each other.

Let it be said also that there’s no way I could have seen these articles previous to last nights dream, I was gone all night and went straight to bed when I got home.

I guess it’s all one big quinky-dink, but you never know…

There was one more element to my dream last night that I really shouldn’t speak of, but I should at least warn him…

Cutman, whatever you do…don’t get on the plane.

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