Friday, August 15, 2008

UFOs in Ancient Art

I remember a time years ago when UFO videos were rarely discussed and usually dismissed as hoaxes or explained away as camera anomalies. But occasionally, stories or footage would surface that was truly unexplainable.

Nowadays, any yahoo with a camera, an Internet connection, and the desire to be a part of the buzz has the ability to showcase their newest bullshit UFO footage along with their even wackier ideas, somehow to convince us that Bill Nye is actually one of “Them”.

The “UFO Market” has been flooded with wannabe “Agents” trying to sell their newest piss-poor footage or story. This has led to the questioning of Ufology and it’s legitimacy.

So today, I’ve deciding not to post the newest UFO video, or the newest Alien Theory – I’ve decided to post a few pieces of artwork that represent UFOs and Aliens long before cameras and the Internet came along.

Now I know I just said “pieces of artwork that represent UFOs and Aliens”, so let me rephrase that. I’ve decided to post a few pieces of artwork that feature certain elements that could be depicting UFOs or Aliens.

Many of these pieces of artwork can be easily explained as nothing more than a star, or a comet, where some of the art really raise questions as to what the artist was really attempting to depict.

Pop culture has truly influenced our vision of what a UFO or Alien is supposed to look like, but these paintings may be giving us a look at what the untarnished minds of the past were truly seeing. An artist puts deep thought and reason into what he or she will create, whereas a camera is limited to the standard point and shoot.

So what do you think? Are these paintings accurate representations of what Alien Visitors look like, or are they nothing more than simple paintings with simple explanations? Have we taken our pre-conceived ideas of what UFOs and Aliens look like and applied it to nothing more than misunderstood objects within the paintings of yesterday?

As a researcher of the unexplained, part of me wants the UFO debate to end with an alien craft landing on the White House Garden with a big sign that says, “We’re Here”. The other part of me gets great thrill from the unknown and wants the riddle to stay wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.

Somewhere there’s a key to the mystery, just maybe in our lifetime we’ll use it to unlock the enigma and finally solve the age-old question – Are we alone?

For more UFOs in Ancient Art, check out this site. It has a large number of paintings as well as information on the art, artists, years, and theories.

I'd like to give a shout out to my boy Winston Churchill for providing me with the enigma quote. I'd also like to thanks Mr. Xoom for clarifying to Dick Cutman that this quote was made famous by Winston Church hill, not Joe Pesci in JFK.

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