Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Sick One Speaks Again

Look who came out to play... And share his opinion.  

Yes. Amelia Earhart is going to be my number 2. As far as your concerns over my list not being creepy enough – Suck a big one.

MacReady’s Top 5 Disappearances is just that – MacReady’s Top 5 Disappearances.

I figured I’d be catching some flack over this from you. This list represents my favorite disappearances, not the creepiest, and certainly not yours.

Let it be known that early in my selection process, you actually made the short list for my top 5, but in the end… I thought the French guy was way more interesting.

How does it feel to get beat out by a French guy with the last name Prince?

With all that said, it's good to have you back. 

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