Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ghosts Caught On Security Cameras

A gas station owner in Parma, Ohio got more than he bargained for when watching his security cam footage. He thought he caught a ghost. The image is very blurry and darts around the screen like a real life Slimer. At one point the ghost remained stationary for a half hour before flying out of frame only to return later for some more bizarre aerobatics. Some say it's an out of focus blue plastic bag a la American Beauty. It's a little creepy, but nothing to write home about. The customers at the gas station seem to be pretty amazed. Publicity stunt? Mr. Xoom posted a link to an explanation for the alleged phenomenon.


This next one allegedly shows a female figure hovering in the background during a surgery. I won't drop any spoilers, but I don't really know about this one either. Kind of a stretch.

Finally, this one actually gave me the willies a little. It's not that impressive until the end, but then, Boy Howdy.

Just some random youtube ghost moments for you to ruminate on. Someday, when we get the right clearances, we'll upload some of the stuff we've captured on video. It ain't bugs on lenses I can tell you that...

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