Saturday, August 23, 2008

MacReady’s Top 5 Disappearances: #4 – An Aviation Legend is Gone

On Monday, September 3, 2007, at 8:45 am, Steve Fossett took off in a single-engine Bellanca Super Decathlon airplane from a private airstrip near Carson City – Never to be seen again.

According to Civil Air Patrol, Fossett took off with enough fuel for a four to five area flight. No flight plans were filed. Fossett’s disappearance set into motion the largest search-and-rescue effort ever conducted for a person within the U.S., costing 1.6 million dollars. On September 7, 2007, Google Inc. even stepped in and offered its satellite connections in efforts to help find Fossett.

After only two weeks of search efforts, the rescue was called off. This has led to many conspiracies among skeptics. From alien abductions to an elaborate pseudocide, nothing has been off limits to the theorist.

Many believe Fossett may have accidentally, or willingly, flied into military controlled airspace and subsequently shot down. This may be a stretch to many, and I stand neutral on the debate, but if he did in fact fly over military air space, I have no doubts that he could have and probably would have been shot down.

Remote viewer Ed Dames claims that Fossett was in fact not in Nevada when his plane crashed, but was instead miles away in the Sierra Nevada region of California. If true, this would mean all search efforts were conducted in the wrong place. It is also worth noting that Ed Dames was trained in remote viewing by the United States Government's "Stargate Project".


Without a shadow of doubt, Steve Fossett was a fascinating person with a story destine for the silver screen – That’s why Steve Fossett is #4 on my Top 5 Disappearances.

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Capcom said...

Good post!

When will people learn to report their flight plan, no matter how mundane or short, so that if something does happen at least the search and rescue guys know where to look?! Saves a lot of money too.

Very sad story, indeed.