Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Biscardi's Site Confirms Georgia Bigfoot a Hoax

What do you know? Confirmation that the Georgia Bigfoot body in the freezer was just a rubber costume frozen under the ice. Biscardi's site is claiming they didn't know about this until after the Friday press conference, but I'm not sure that fits with the things he was saying in interviews on Fox News and elsewhere. At the very least, it would be massively unprofessional for Biscardi to have taken the word of these guys and called the press conference without confirming or taking a look at the "body" himself first.

Now Biscardi is saying that HE was a victim in this affair, claiming the two Georgians took an advance from him, which Internet rumors put at $50,000, and then took off when the hoax was revealed. Others aren't buying Biscardi's babe in the woods routine. And to top it all off, one of the hoaxers, police officer Matthew Whitton, is being fired for his role in the hoax. Not too big of a deal, I guess, as Clayton County, GA Chief of Police Jeffrey Turner says he hasn't heard from Whitton since this hoax stuff hit.

This whole thing was a disgrace from the get go. I'm just surprised so many people fell for something at the beginning which was always obviously a hoax.

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