Wednesday, August 13, 2008

RE: Cleveland's Mistake/Crescent F**n Hotel!


Cleveland here. Just having a glass of wine.

Thank you Mr. Xoom for pointing out that slight (Cutman penis size) mistake. Yes, it was MacCready's post, but I don't care if it was Queen Lizzy's post, it sucked. One video? BOOORRRINNNGG!! And what's with the real-time postings? No sex lives to spend some time on? Or the man-to-hand relationships take up mere seconds, then BLAM! Kleenex and right back to updates? Jesus guys, breathe a little.

That said, yes, I was second with the post. No, I did not plagiarize it, mine was better.

The End.


The Crescent Hotel...

Guys, this thing's the real deal. It's not far from Monte Ne and ,yes, there are the same old same old cheesy ghost stories: man dies during construction, man haunts room 218. What separates this from your every day haunted hotel is the REAL story behind the stories. It all starts with a man named Norman Baker. It appears Dr. Baker turned the hotel into a cancer clinic from 1937-1940. And let's just say, helping cancer victims was the last thing on his mind. He wanted to find a cure through experimentation, death be damned. As a topper, he then exploited family members of the patients for money---pretending they were alive long after they were dead.

He was busted by the police for mail fraud. He died years later of....cancer!

I will posting a lot more on this, as well as including personal pictures tomorrow.

Wait til you see the last surviving morgue table in the basement!

No Lie.


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