Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Alabama Police Chase "Large Hairy Man" and Bigfoot Corpse Supposedly Found

A couple of interesting bits in this story:

First up, looks like we're gonna have to bail Cutman out again, guys:

“We just had a report in Cleveland; the police department was chasing a large hairy man off (Alabama) Highway 160,” said Hawk Spearman, a founder of the Alabama chapter of the Elusive Primates of North America. “I’m trying to get in touch with the police officers to get more details from them.”

Secondly, a couple of guys claim to have found the body of a Sasquatch, which they are preserving for release to the public soon:

“The biggest thing we’re going to be talking about is the supposed Bigfoot find and how it’s going to impact the Bigfoot community,” said Spearman, who heads EPNA in Alabama with his wife, Karen.

The discovery allegedly involves a law enforcement officer and an associate claiming to have found the dead body of a Bigfoot while on an expedition in the mountains of north Georgia. The men are releasing very little information but say they are preserving the large body in a freezer and will reveal the corpse Sept. 1. They insist it’s not a hoax, but many are skeptical because of their lack of professionalism in videos on YouTube.

Spearman is hopeful but wary of the purported discovery.

I'm wary, too, but not because they don't have professional YouTube videos. I'm wary because because they're teasing such a huge discovery on YouTube, period. I mean, if one stumbled across the body of a bigfoot, turning it over right then and there, fresh, is going to generate enormous publicity for you and your find automatically, so why wait?

"Preserving the body" and then teasing such a huge discovery with Youtube videos designed to drum up publicity in a big public unveiling are not the actions of a person confident that he's found an authentic Sasquatch corpse. It'd already be the biggest story of the year just straight up, so why the needless stage management?

It just doesn't pass the smell test.

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