Friday, August 1, 2008

Please allow me to introduce myself to... myself!

Sweden's Hakan Nordqvist claims he found a portal under his sink and time-traveled to the future, where he met an older version of himself. Incredible story, but he claims to have "proof" in the form of a cell phone video he took of the meeting.

So is there any legitimacy to this video? After doing some research, a few things didn’t add up. The discussions over at brought up a couple good points. Hans Karlsson, Professor of Theoretical Physics, doesn’t seem to exist – at least anywhere that I can find. Usually in a legit documentary a professor’s name is usually followed by his title and what University he’s associated with. Also, Bank of Nova Scotia (Scotiabank) was using ads very similar to this several years back.

Now these bits of information in no way seals the video as being fake, but it doesn’t help legitimize it either. I also figured a video like this would have a ton of information online, but information on this is very scarce.

Weird and unexplained things happen all the time, so who knows, this could be legit. Until more information is presented, I really can't say, but I am leaning a little towards the BS side. Obviously, something like this requires more proof than a backlit cell phone video of two guys who kinda look related...

Talkback and let me know what you think.

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